About Us

We are the Maryland branch of FIRST, a non-profit organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen. FIRST uses robotics and exciting sports-like competitions to help students develop the skills needed to compete in the technology-driven global economy.

Maryland has more than 500 FIRST teams, from kindergarten through 12th grade, ages 6-18. FIRST programs use robotics as the vehicle to engage students in the hands-on, minds-on creative process of technological innovation.

But there's much more to FIRST than the robots. FIRST cultivates skills in communication, marketing, program management, fundraising, team building, leadership and more. FIRST celebrates young men and women working smart in science and technology, and paves the way for future academic and career success.

Maryland FIRST relies on sponsors and hundreds of educators, mentors and volunteers to deliver programs throughout the state. Learn how you can become part of the FIRST experience.

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