Coaches and Mentors

From educators to graphic designers and from engineers to business people, there's an opportunity for everyone to get involved in the amazing world of FIRST.

Coach a team. Share your expertise and enthusiasm for computer programming, communications, engineering, fundraising. Whatever your skills, there's a FIRST team in need of you.


Coaches are generally teachers and parents. They oversee and coordinate all the activities of the team as well as serving as the main contact with FIRST. Coaching a Jr.FLL team requires little more than interest and enthusiasm. The expertise needed increases as the programs become more challenging from FLL through FTC to FRC.

FTC and FRC Mentors

The reason that FIRST works is that engineering, technology and business professionals become directly involved with students. By sharing their love of their profession, mentors guide students through hands-on projects, open students' imaginations to new career possibilities and act as role models to the team members.

FLL and Jr.FLL Mentors

Teachers, parents and university students and team members from the FTC and FRC programs frequently serve as mentors. One of the biggest challenges facing Jr.FLL and FLL mentors is team building and creating a sense of unity and support for the team members. Mentors both guide the team members in learning about design and basic technology as well as serving as role models.

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