FLL Team Resources

FIRST and many other organizations, including other teams, provide a variety of resources and training for both veteran and rookie FIRST teams. This page contains links to manuals, documents and other resources that will increase your knowledge of FIRST and its various components.

The Maryland FLL coaches listserv is also a great place for coaches to gain information on FLL. Detials on the qualifiers, invites to Coaches'meetings, torunament registration, and much more is shared through the listserv. All adult head coaches, assistant coaches, teachers, and mentors are invited to join. Follow this link to subscribe! Just click on subscribe on the left side of the screen and follow the prompts.

Presentations and Conference Calls

Kickoff 2013-14 "Nature's Fury" Workshops

Kickoff 2011-12 Workshops

Sept 2011, Coaches Workshops
Bill Aucoin's Presentation on Programming:  MD-NXT-Overview-Workshop-v2.1R.pdf

FLL Team Resources

Tutorials and Guides

  • NXT Programming Guide - A book that will teach teams to easily program a robot with the NXT-G visual programming language, as well as learn to implement basic, intermediate, and advanced programs.
  • Olin Sharing FIRST - An accomplished demonstration board providing useful information about robot components
  • OpenFIRST - An open-source initiative to help FIRST robotics teams prosper in web development
  • PneumaticsFIRST - A site of resources created by the fluid power industry to offer guidance in applying  pneumatics to FIRST robots

Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Badge-A-Minit - Retailer for button equipment and supplies
  • LEGO Education - The FLL program utilizes products from LEGO Education, Each year, FLL teams purchase their Challenge Sets from LEGO Education.
  • Pitsco Education - Supplier of TETRIX Robotic Design System
  • Rob Bayer.com - A FIRST-based programming resource offering tutorials, tools, and software downloads


  • Fundraising Ideas & Product Center - A collection of fundraising resources for non-profit organizations
  • Fundraiser Help - A database of tips, tutorials, and ideas for school and non-profit fundraising
  • Step By Step Fundraising - A cohesive listing of fundraising strategies, including a free monthly newsletter and e-book
  • Funds for Your Group - An online offering from Interstate Batteries that allows teams to have small custom stores that generate 30% commission on sales.

Other Resources

  • ASEE - The official website for the American Society of Engineering Education
  • ASME - The official website for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASME Guide to Starting A FIRST Team
  • IEEE - The official website for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
  • FIRST Community Alumni - Official community for alumni designed to increase continued support of FIRST.
  • NASA Robotics Alliance - An educational program designed to increase robotics expertise in the U.S.
  • NEMO - The official website for the FIRST Robotics Non-Engineering Mentor Organization, the support group and information exchange for adult mentors
  • NSBE - The official website for the National Society of Black Engineers
  • Robot Chicks Union - The official website for the Robot Chicks Union, advocates of the involvement of females in FIRST
  • Science Resources - A non-profit organization that promotes quality science and engineering education
  • SME - The official website for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • SWE - The official website for the Society of Women Engineers, advocates for women achieving their full  potential in engineering careers