2011 FRC Training Day

2011 FRC Training Day

BAA Traning SessionThe Baltimore Area Alliance held a Training Day for Maryland FRC Teams on November 5, 2011.  Here are files from that session.

BAA Fall Education Day Agenda and Session Descriptions


Parents - 101 Ways they can help your FIRST team -- Jenny Beatty

Website Design and Evaluation -- Bill Duncan, Mike Dennis, Peter Harris

New to FIRST -- Mike Dennis

Systems Engineering 101 -- Bill Landin

365 FRC Systems Planning -- Ashley Cowell

Branding & Entrepreneurship -- Ashley Cowell

Judging 101 -- Jenny Beatty

Motors 101 -- Mark Eastman, Matt Eastman

Electrical Systems 101 -- Tom Diviney

Drive Train Systems -- Mark Eastman, Matt Eastman

Pneumatics and Manipulator Systems -- Mark Eastman, Fred Needel

Getting Through Inspection -- Dan Atkinson, John Jacobson, Paul Shan

LabView 101 -- Jayesh Jariwala