10th Anniversary

FIRST-MD-Chesapeake-10thAnnivAbout the Chesapeake Regional and our 10th Anniversary

The inaugural Chesapeake Regional, held at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis in 2003, was largely created by NASA engineer and tireless FIRST advocate, Mike Wade.  At the time, there were less than 20 FRC Regionals around the country and less than 1,000 teams. The initial event included six Maryland teams that have been to every subsequent Chesapeake Regional. Mike_Wade_-_April_2007

The original Chesapeake Regional Planning Committee was headed by Navy Commander Steve Chism, now FIRST’s Vice President of Programs.

The Chesapeake Regional grew in popularity and scope, drawing champions from around the country and overseas.  In 2008, the Chesapeake Regional and Team 2528 Robodoves from Western High School were featured in the PBS documentary, “Gearing Up”.

In 2010, the Chesapeake Regional moved to the Baltimore Convention Center to be closer to Maryland's business/media centers and create space for the new Washington DC Regional.  With more than 2,400 FRC teams and 50 Regionals around the world, we're proud that the Chesapeake Regional has remained a strong base for Maryland teams and a popular destination for some of the best FIRST teams.

Watch a great video compilation of photos from our first 10 years of the Chesapeake Regional.