Food Options at the Chesapeake Regional

Concession stands are available in the Comcast Center with a range of food options throughout the event. Sample Menu/Pricing:

Pizza $5Chicken / Fries Basket $8
Boardwalk Fries $5
Nathan's Hot Dog $4.50
Lay's Chips, Doritos $1.50
Popcorn, M&M's, Twizzlers, Skittles $3.50
Pepsi products $3.75 / $4.75
Bottled Water $3.75

The Comcast Center does not allow teams to bring in food or drinks, nor can food be delivered.
If you're eating at the Comcast Center it must be food purchased at the Comcast Center.
Box lunch pre-orders are available for teams; orders must be placed before March 24.  Use this Boxed Lunch Order Form.

There are lots of restaurant possibilities in the immediate vicinity, and some of them will welcome large groups. If you want to take your whole group at once, you definitely need to make arrangements with the restaurants ahead of time.