FRC Team Resources

FIRST and many other organizations, including other teams, provide a variety of resources and training for both veteran and rookie FIRST teams. This page contains links to manuals, documents and other resources that will increase your knowledge of FIRST and its various components.

FRC Team Resources

  • Baltimore Area Alliance - Group of Baltimore-area FRC teams that share fundraising resources, mentors and knowledge
  • Battle O' Baltimore - FRC exhibition event typically held in August, presented by the Baltimore Area Alliance
  • 2009 FRC Training Day Seminars - Workshop presentations from the November 2000 Baltimore Area Alliance Trainind Day
  • Bill's Blog - News direct from the FRC Director at FIRST
  • Calendar of Important Deadlines - An important list of dates, including registration deadlines, to keep your team on track through the season
  • ChiefDelphi - The unofficial forums for FIRST inter-team communication, development, and interaction
  • Communications Resource Center - A detailed list including important team information and resources to help teams throughout the season
  • Documents and Updates - A list of important information for the FRC Season
  • For Teams, By Teams - Resources selected by the President's Circle teams that are particularly useful for helping start new teams
  • FIRST Base - The Autodesk Source for FIRST Teams, includes free software and training
  • FIRST Canada Workshop Presentations - A collection of information designed to support and teach teams about various principles of FRC
  • FIRST Forums - The FRC web forum created for constructive communication, problem solving, and idea sharing between teams
  • FIRST Scholarships - A comprehensive list of educational opportunities to allow FIRST students to further pursue majors and careers in many technological fields
  • FIRSTwiki - An open-content encyclopedia for the FIRST Robotics Competition
  • Mentor Resources Library - Comprehensive collection of material to help mentors of FRC teams
  • MERIT (Mentoring Experienced Robotics Teams in Transition) (pdf) - A program designed by FRC Team 303 to support veteran and struggling teams to rebuild and continue to succeed in FIRST
  • RINOS (Rookies in Need of Support) - A program started by FRC Team 25 designed to help new teams develop and find their path to success
  • Team Handbook (pdf) - Documentation providing information for organizing any FIRST team
  • Team in a Box - A DVD, CD, and pamphlet package assembled by FRC Team 341 to assist in the creation of new FIRST Robotics teams

Team Talk

Tips from the Chesapeake Regional Planning Commitee's Team Development group

Tutorials and Guides

  • Autodesk Tutorials - A catalog of self-taught lessons for Autodesk Inventor & Autodesk 3D Studio Max
  • The Blue Alliance - A video tutorial series teaching relevant topics to competitive robotics teams.
  • List of Tools for Rookie FRC Teams (pdf) - An important starting guide for new FIRST teams
  • Olin Sharing FIRST - An accomplished demonstration board providing useful information about robot  components
  • OpenFIRST - An open-source initiative to help FIRST Robotics teams prosper in web development
  • PneumaticsFIRST - A site of resources created by the fluid power industry to offer guidance in applying  pneumatics to FIRST robots

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Fundraising and Grants

Other Resources

  • ASEE - The official website for the American Society of Engineering Education
  • ASME - The official website for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASME Guide to Starting A FIRST Team
  • Electrical Engineering School info - Online resource for Electrical Engineering undergrad programs.
  • IEEE - The official website for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
  • FIRST Community Alumni - Official community for alumni designed to increase continued support of FIRST.
  • NASA Robotics Alliance - An educational program designed to increase robotics expertise in the U.S.
  • NEMO - The official website for the FIRST Robotics Non-Engineering Mentor Organization, the support group and information exchange for adult mentors
  • NSBE - The official website for the National Society of Black Engineers
  • Robot Chicks Union - The official website for the Robot Chicks Union, advocates of the involvement of females in FIRST
  • Science Resources - A non-profit organization that promotes quality science and engineering education
  • SME - The official website for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • SWE - The official website for the Society of Women Engineers, advocates for women achieving their full  potential in engineering careers