FTC Volunteer

Maryland FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Opportunities

FTC Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

MDFTC-20120225-DSC-0970Work 6-12 hours, make no money, interact with hundreds of young engineers, get a free lunch,  have a blast, be totally exhausted, meet interesting people, and did we say you don't get paid? But you do get a free T-Shirt, breakfast, and lunch!

These are just few reasons why you should volunteer to help with this year's FTC Championship or one of our many Qualifying Tournaments around the state.   


Fill out our *****FTC Volunteer Registration form*****

At a typical event, volunteer check-in begins at 7:00 a.m., and we ask that everyone arrive by 7:30 a.m. We provide breakfast and lunch, and we equip you with an "FTC Volunteer" t-shirt.

All volunteers receive training. Depending upon your role, your training will be scheduled a few weeks ahead or on the morning of the event. Details will be emailed as they are available.

Each volunteer category has at least one "Lead" position. Leads will be trained before the event and are responsible for communicating with the Volunteer Coordinator and assisting in training their volunteers. On the day of the event, Leads check-in at 6:45 to prepare to receive and check-in their volunteers, give them their t-shirts, and ensure that they get breakfast and lunch. Please indicate your interest in being a Lead on your volunteer registration form.

Judging & Competition

The competitors are judged in interviews and on-field performance for a variety of FTC Awards.

Judges are knowledgeable and objective individuals who have the ability to assess teams fairly and determine which teams earned special awards. Judges assess robot design and the team's Engineering Notebook.  Judges should have a technical, engineering, or science related background.

The majority of judging takes place in the morning; however, we ask judges to remain for the duration of the competition to congratulate teams and hand out medals and trophies during the Awards Ceremony.

Judges' Assistants:
Judges' Assistants ensure that teams get in and out of judging on time, that judges and teams adhere to the schedule, that scores are properly relayed to the 'runner,' and that their judging rooms are broken down once all judging is complete.

Time Keeper:

Time keepers work with referees to ensure that timing of matches is accurate and assist in the breaking down and/or cleaning up of competition rooms after all matches are complete.

Referees score the robot performance rounds. They will work in pairs to oversee matches, keep time, ensure teams follow the field rules, and score their performance. Additionally, referees (with emcees) keep the game area free of spectators and assist in the breakdown of competition tables.

Emcees are the visible and audible host for the event, and, therefore, should be well-spoken, energetic, and enthusiastic. It is preferable that they have prior knowledge about the FIRST Tech Challenge, however, they will be trained thoroughly on that and on the FTC Challenge and its rules. Someone with a public speaking, performing, or broadcasting background is ideal. Emcees introduce each team, announces scores, provides the play-by-play commentary to complement the projected video images, and (with referees) keep the game area free of spectators. Lastly, emcees must banter during natural breaks that occur between rounds and between the competition and awards ceremony.

The Pit is where all team tables are located and where teams gather when not in judging, competition, or practice.

Pit Manager:
Pit Managers are responsible for communicating with and assisting all teams and volunteers in the pit area and for communicating with lead volunteers from other areas of the tournament as necessary.
The Pit Manager team will designate a Pit Announcer, whose primary responsibility is information dissemination.

Pit Runner:
Pit Runners work with Team Queuers in the competition area to ensure teams arrive for robot game matches on time and informs teams of any changes to the schedule that happen on competition day.

Team Queuer:
Team Queuers ensure that teams are reminded of their scheduled tournament times (i.e. matches, practice table time)

Practice Field Manager:
Practice Field Managers oversee the practice field, ensuring that teams are on and off the practice field at scheduled times, that the practice field is left in the condition in which it was found (i.e. all game pieces intact and in appropriate location), and that the practice field is broken down once scheduled practice times are complete.

The nurse will be stationed in the Pit to attend to any medical needs that arise.


Greeters are campus resource people. They will help with pedestrian traffic at check-in, guide teams to their competition rooms, and assist with lunch distribution in the Pit.

Set-Up & Break-Down Crew:
Set-up Crew will assist in setting up competition, practice, and pit areas, often the day before tournament. Break-Down Crew will assist in breaking down all tournament areas after the event has ended.

Registration/Information Table Staff:
These staff members will check teams in and be available to answer questions throughout the day.

The photographer will visually record all areas of the tournament (print and/or video).

Floaters will not be assigned to a particular area, but will step in as needed (i.e. if a volunteer role is vacant on the day of the tournament; to give a volunteer a break from their duties) and will ensure that volunteer area is restricted to volunteers only.