Junior FIRST Lego League

DSC_8128Welcome to the Junior FIRST LEGO League of Maryland!

Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) is a fun way to channel the creativity and energy of young kids toward science and technology.

Jr.FLL is a flexible, noncompetitive, community-based program where teams of 2 - 6 kids and a coach research a topic and build a model with moving parts to illustrate their topic. There's even an option to add robotic components and programming for more ambitious teams.

Teams typically work for 8-10 weeks on a project, but you can extend or compress the project to meet your needs.  Teams can be formed around school, home, community groups, scouts, camps...anywhere you can get a group of kids to meet regularly.

Maryland hosts a Jr.FLL Expo during its FIRST LEGO League Championship, but you can also host your own event with just a few teams.  Jr.FLL promotes an environment of cooperative learning and sharing, rather than competition, and you may find running your own event is just as fun as doing the project.

If Jr.FLL sounds incredibly flexible, it is!  A registration fee of $50 and almost any set of LEGOs is all you need to get startedFIRST provides instructions and guidelines, you provide the kids and leadership, and you'll be amazed at the results.

To see a list of expos in Maryland follow the link!